Thursday, May 22, 2008

Video: Phony "Experts" on Child Abuse: False Memory Syndrome Foundation and CIA Cults (#17)

This organization - a CIA front - gave us Ralph Underwager, the widely "respected" child abuse "expert" who told the British press that child rape is "good for the victim." They also cover up CIA-cult ritual abuse and mind control operations. The FMSF for many years had a monopoly on press access - while real reporters on these topics (like myself) collected rejection slips.

There was, throughout the mid-80s and 90s and even currently, a complete press blackout on the reality of CIA mind control operations. As a result, the brainwashed public was led to revile the small victims of ritual abuse and mind control, and touted the perpetrators and their champions in the media - Ralph Underwager's FMSF.

There are thousands of CIA mind control/torture subjects in the U.S. who have been gagged by the media. The FMSF is the lying face of denial, and they, with all CIA perpetraors, rightfully belong behind bars for covering up horrendous crimes against humanity.


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