Saturday, September 5, 2009

Video: Glenn Beck Finds "Communist" Art At NBC Headquarters At Rockefeller Center


Posted: 09- 2-09

If you thought Glenn Beck's conspiracy theories couldn't get any more bizarre, you obviously don't watch that much Glenn Beck. This time Beck is taking shots at the titan of American capitalism, John Rockefeller, accusing him of having been a secret communist. Beck knows this to be true because he has discovered all sorts of "communist" and "fascist" art on NBC headquarters at Rockefeller Center, as well as on land behind the United Nations that was donated by Rockefeller.

Trying to discern Beck's ultimate point from this is difficult but I believe it's something like: Rockefeller was an early American progressive, which actually means he was a communist, and they have connections to the fascists. And we know this because Rockefeller left clues to his true legacy with these communist art pieces which are hidden in plain sight, and since we have people in our own time who call themselves progressives they must actually be communists (possibly fascists?). ...

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