Friday, June 26, 2009

Swiftboaters-Funded Republican Blogger Caught Plagiarizing

by Carnacki
Jun 15, 2009

In mid-May the Republicans launched a counter to West Virginia Blue called West Virginia Red. The site launched Sunday and takes its name from West Virginia Blue, a site that features pieces on Democratic politics and progressive issues.

"I think all of us who are involved in political circles in West Virginia are very aware of West Virginia Blue," said Stauffer, who managed state Supreme Court candidate Beth Walker's unsuccessful campaign.

Carnacki's diary

Beth Walker was a rightwinger who got major support from the Swiftboaters. Fortunately she was defeated, due in no small part to those of us who canvassed and campaigned for the state Democratic Party's unified campaign.

Now Stauffer is working on West Virginia Red trying to change the state party's infrastructure in a state dominated by Democrats. ...

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, plagiarism is not.

WVaBlue diarist Mary Jones discovered that a recent post from Stauffer contains sentences directly lifted and put in his post on cap and trade. ...


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