Friday, October 24, 2008

The 'Family Guy's' Nazi McCain Pin

Fox asks of it's own program:

"Did 'Family Guy' Go Too Far With Nazi 'McCain' Pin?"
October 20, 2008

The animated sitcom 'Family Guy' is no stranger to controversy, but on Sunday night the show went into uncharted territory as it seemed to weigh in on the presidential race by likening the McCain/Palin ticket to the Nazi party in World War II.

In the episode, two of the characters, Stewie (a talking baby) and Brian (a talking dog) are transported to Poland during the Nazi invasion of World War II. In one scene, the characters beat up and steal the uniforms of two Nazi officers. Stewie looks down at his Nazi uniform and notices a McCain/Palin campaign button attached to its lapel, remarking “Huh, that’s weird."

The McCain campaign did not have an immediate comment. A rep for the show defended the episode, telling "From its inception, 'Family Guy' has used provocative concepts and biting satire as the foundation of its humor. The show is an 'equal oportunity offender.'"

The show's creator, Seth MacFarlane, is an ardent supporter of Barack Obama. MacFarlane has given thousands to the Democratic presidential nominee and the Democratic Party, and even spoke at an Obama rally in Ohio earlier this month.

In the past, MacFarlane has gotten into hot water for his skewering of several subjects, including actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise.

Comedian Carol Burnett also unsuccessfully sued the program for its depiction of her cleaning-woman character.

The Fox sitcom was cancelled in 2002 after failing to find an audience, but has improved significantly in the ratings since being brought back to the network in 2005. The show centers on a dysfunctional family living in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island.,2933,441301,00.html

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